Chilliwack and Area

The Great Outside

If you are considering a move to Chilliwack or any of the surrounding николаевский дворец экскурсии communities, we think you’re headed in the right direction!  Call us biased if you will, but we love to call the Fraser Valley Home!  The motto of Tourism Chilliwack is “Chilliwack – the Great Outside”!  The outdoor adventure opportunities are amazing – hiking, biking, kayaking, boating, fishing, golfing, rock-climbing, camping, this list could go on and on,… don’t take our word for it, check out the Tourism Chilliwack #sharechilliwack video, to see for yourself!

Tourism Chilliwack Website



So you want the nuts & bolts, numbers & figures of living in Chilliwack?  We respect that.  Here is a summary:

Housing Costs – 60% less than Vancouver, 30% less than Abbotsford.

The average home price in Chilliwack is around $320,000.

Population – about 92,000 in Chilliwack.

  • There are 277,593 people living within a 30-minute commute of Chilliwack and about 2.5 million within the Lower Mainland region. Including the American communities, there are over five million people living within 200 km of Chilliwack.
  • Chilliwack has an estimated 2.7% population growth per year.
  • The median age in Chilliwack is 41.

For more statistics and details about opportunities for working, investing and living in Chilliwack, check out the Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation website.

Weather – gotta love it!

Well, you’ve gotta love it, unless you really enjoy being super hot or super cold!  The Average Low temperature (January) is -0.5°C and the Average High temperature (August) is 24.5°C.  For more details, check out Stats at The Weather Network.


If you are considering building a new home in Chilliwack or the surrounding area, please contact Kevin at Richlane Homes 604-991-6402 or email:, to learn how we can help make your new home dream a reality!